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Investing in
Africa's economic

Creating financial value for institutional investors investing in the SADC region

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Mangwana Capital is an investment advisory and private equity firm. We believe in Africa and its growth potential. We are focused on key sectors of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) economy: mining and agriculture.

Private Equity

Mangwana Opportunities ('the Fund") is a closed end, private equity fund, structured as an investment company which invests in companies that have access to unlimited global markets.

Corporate Finance

We offer expertise in risk assessment, debt restructuring, mergers and acquisitions and corporate valuations.

Mangwana Opportunities


Large scale Pecan plantation at Balu Farm.


Expansion of Blue Agri Stevia Project in Zambia.


Green metals production support with AAN.


Zim's energy potential with Invictus Energy.

"As Mangwana, we are on the ground, constantly researching new opportunities for our clients and ways to create value."



Our Current Investors

Mangwana currently has a diversified and growing investor base. Through shareholding in the Mangwana Opportunities Fund investors enjoy prescribed asset status. Mangwana Opportunities has also been granted tax exempt status by the Zimbabwe Ministry of Finance, meaning all income and gains accrue tax free.


"Invest today
and believe in a better tomorrow"


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Address: 1 Lamorby Close, Greendale, Harare, Zimbabwe
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